This is where a lot of time and money is spent. I quickly learned that Astrophotography is an exciting rabbit hole to go down. I try to be very careful with my gear and have built each telescope kit to run independently, meaning I have two full setups, a wide-field and a close-in narrow field telescope.

Telescope(s) – I use two different telescopes depending on the deep-space object (DSO) I am targeting.

  • Celestron C6″ @ 945mm/1500mm (narrow-field)
  • William Optics GT71 @ 336mm/420mm (wide-field)

Imaging Camera(s) – Again depending on the target or telescope being used, I’ll choose between the cameras below.

  • ZWO 294mc-pro
  • ZWO 533mc-pro
  • ZWO 462mc (planetary camera)

Guide Scope

  • William Optics 50mm

Guide Camera

  • ZWO 290mm-mini


  • Skywatcher EQ6r-Pro with pier extension



Imaging Controller

  • ASI Air Pro


  • Optolong l’pro 2″ (great galaxy filter)
  • Optolong l’enhance 2″
  • Optolong l’extreme 2″ (dual-narrowband for OSC)
  • Optolong UV/IR Cut 2″

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